1g. 33.6 EUR
1oz. 1045 EUR

About company

Global InterGold is a regulated EU Company featuring an Online shop for the buying and selling of gold bars from Swiss regulated suppliers. Purchases may be completed outright or the client may elect to defer payment and subscribe to the GoldSet marketing incentives program. GoldSet offers Global InterGold clients a variety of ways to help fund their purchases and maximize their gold purchasing power.

Not only does Global InterGold sell investment gold bars, it also provides a buyback guarantee on completion of a Gold Bullion purchase order commitment.

Buyers may elect to hold their physical gold purchases personally or assign them for safekeeping in a certified depository through our licensed gold provider for a small fee.

Gold has been traded for over 5,000 years. In fluctuating economies it is a reliable investment that many governments, banks, large and mid-sized corporations as well as high net-worth individuals turn to for increased stability. Now, Global InterGold makes purchasing gold possible for just about anyone.